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UN Women in Action

In Nepal, the UN Women Regional Programme to Empower Women Migrant Workers in Asia collaborates with the government, civil society, private sector, recruiting agencies, migrant women, the media, and academic institutions to sensitize policies and empower migrant women workers.

Most significantly, UN Women has supported efforts to revise discriminatory provisions and pass a new law on foreign employment, working since 2002 to remove restrictions on women working abroad. The 2007 Foreign Employment Act not only ends discrimination based on sex but also adopts special measures to guarantee women's security and rights when seeking jobs abroad Similarly UN Women's partnership with Ministry of Labour and Transport Management dates back to 2002 which have generated significant collaboration to engender the draft migration policy, capacity enhancement of government officials as well as reaching out to various stakeholders to generate awareness include debate and discourse on the issues of rights of Women Migrant Workers.

UN Women has helped established Pourakhi, an organization of women migrant workers, which is now a major voice in government committees on foreign employment, and with UN Women's support is lobbying for the rights and entitlements of women migrant workers at home and abroad. UN Women has also initiated partnership with Pravashi Nepali Coordination Committee (PNCC), which has a large network among Nepali migrant workers across gulf countries mainly in Saudi Arabia.

Currently, UN Women is coordinating inter-agency efforts with relevant ministries, and,with Pourakhi, has lobbied with the Foreign Minister and the media for an Embassy in Kuwait to support its 40,000 Nepali workers of which 80% are women. Moreover, UN Women sits on government committees including the committee to establish safe homes, which have enabled support to the embassies in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and U.A.E to establish temporary safe houses for women.

UN Women, in partnership with the Society of Economic Journalists of Nepal (SEJON), has lobbied the Ministry of Finance since 2006 for the inclusion of financial planning schemes for women migrant workers in the budget. As a result, in 2009 the Ministry announced the Infrastructure Development Bond for Remittances from migrant workers. Moreover, in 2009, the Nepal Association of Foregn Employment Agencies in partnership with the government has contributed to compensate workers retrenched to Nepal as a fallout of the recent economic crisis. UN Women has supported NAFEA to develop a Code of Conduct that makes them accountable to the protection of rights of migrant workers. National Network on Safe Migration is yet another establishment UN Women has helped to create which includes more that 26 Organization working together to advocate and monitor action while ensuring protection of the rights of migrant workers including that of WMWs.

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